We took the healthiest ingredients and superfoods from across the world

We prepared full-fledged meals that you can always have at hand.


Do you need a quick breakfast to kick start your day or a lunch that won’t make you feel the afternoon slump?

Ristre contains unique superfoods such as reishi, maca or guarana, which support performance, vitality and fitness and help you face the pitfalls of modern hectic times. Ristre is also exceptional in its content of gradually releasing carbohydrates, which are formed from quality gluten-free sources such as millet, buckwheat or quinoa. Thanks to the balanced composition of macronutrients, Ristre will give you energy and satisfy you for up to 5 hours.


Don't waste money on expensive supplements

Ristre will give you the full range of vitamins and minerals you need. Not only does it contain a daily dose of vitamin D3 to improve your immunity, but also quality fiber to support the health of your intestines, where up to 80% of the immune system is stored. As a prevention of various ailments, you will also find ginger and high-quality Czech garlic in Ristre. Garlic in particular, as our great-grandmothers sung praises on it for it’s beneficial effects way before when.


Students know that caffeine is not enough for proper concentration

Your mental performance will be supported by guarana, ginkgo biloba and especially DMAE, which have a positive effect on your concentration and creativity. Guarana promotes alertness, memory and has positive effects on mental health, ginkgo biloba has proven effects on functions/blood supply to our brain. DMAE is a brain nutrient that occurs naturally in anchovies or sardines, for example.


Quality proteins are essential in our diet

In addition to the fact that proteins perform structural functions (muscle mass), they are part of enzymes, hormones as well as transport substances and they participate in the production of antibodies in the body's immune processes. In Ristre you will find 3 sources of protein such as whey, hemp and egg protein. These in balanced synergy supply the body with everything it needs for proper regeneration and performance. Ristre also contains our body's own substance creatine, which many athletes use to improve strength and speed.

Heart and blood vessels

More Omega-3s than in a Mediterranean diet

It is great to have a fried cheese or sausage once in a while, but we should also think about the supply of healthy fats in our diet. If you want to stay in shape for as long as possible and prevent the risk of a heart attack, you should include unsaturated fats in your diet, These can also be found in Ristre. Omega-3 fatty acids from chia seeds, hemp and fish oil are included in a better ratio than in the Mediterranean diet. We also included milk thistle in Ristre to support a gentle liver detox.


The best to reverse aging

Women in particular will appreciate the content of hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10 and marine collagen. Ristre minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium and iron are also of marine origin. Hyaluronic acid takes care of skin hydration and, together with coenzyme Q10, eliminates the signs of aging. Collagen can be a great helper not only in skin and hair care, but it is also very important for joint health. The imaginary icing on the cake is a Japanese long-lived mushroom - reishi.


One Pack

One Pack

    • 1 500 ml bag
    • 1 Full serving of food

7,96 EUR 7,96 EUR per serving

Starter Pack

Starter Pack

    • 2 500 ml bags
    • 2 Full servings of food

15,92 EUR 7,96 EUR per serving

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6 Pack

6 Pack

    • 6 500 ml bags
    • 6 Full servings of food

39,92 EUR 6,65 EUR per serving

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18 Pack

18 Pack

    • 18 500 ml bags
    • 18 Full servings of food

114,32 EUR 6,35 EUR per serving

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