Unique food full of energy and superfoods

There have never been so many healthy ingredients in one meal

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  • fills you up for up to 5 hours with no meal preparation
  • 60 healthy ingredients and superfoods
  • provides energy, improves immunity and supports concentration
  • made in the Czech Republic, tested in Switzerland

Fast doesn't have to mean bad - replenish your energy healthily and with quality ingredients

Have high expectations - you only have one health

  • shelf life 6 months without needing the fridge
  • ideal for work, travel, for sports and hiking
  • gluten-free, soy-free and with no added sugar

Try Starter pack now!


The most beneficial ingredients sourced from across the world

Guarana also known as the queen of stimulants, Japanese reishi is used during training of astronauts, and Maca promotes endurance and vitality.
A daily dose of vitamin D3 paired up with ginger and garlic will support the natural body defences.
Memory, creativity and concentration are supported by a combination of the brain nutrient DMAE, ginkgo biloba and guarana.

Ristre Formula Explained


Starter Pack

Starter Pack

    • 2 500 ml bags
    • 2 Full servings of food

13,96 EUR 6,98 EUR per serving

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6 Pack

6 Pack

    • 6 500 ml bags
    • 6 Full servings of food

35,96 EUR 5,99 EUR per serving

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18 Pack

18 Pack

    • 18 500 ml bags
    • 18 Full servings of food

99,96 EUR 5,56 EUR per serving

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Nutrition details

Nutritionally complete food containing all nutrients in the optimal ratio.

Ristre Formula Explained


  100ml 500ml
energy 133,2kCal 666kCal
carbohydrates 11,2g 56g
– of which sugars 0,2g 1g
fiber 2g 10g
proteins 7g 35g
fats 6g 30g
– of which saturated 0,6g 3g
Michal Augustýn

Michal Augustýn Avast

RISTRE is a quick and tasty alternative for me when I don't have time to cook or to eat out. I appreciate the compactness and ease of use of the packaging, which is suitable for on-the-go. At first, I thought that one package could not be enough to fill me up, but in the end I found that is more than sufficient.

Tereza Dvořáková

Tereza Dvořáková Peyton Legal

For me, Ristre is a great substitute for a healthy, fully nutritious meal, both on those days with a heavy workload and for all day hiking trips. I can always rely on Ristre quickly giving me the energy I need.

Jakub Kostka

Jakub Kostka Seznam.cz

I can't believe how quickly I became a fan of RISTRE for breakfast every morning after training. I'm fully satisfied and still have a lot of energy and feel fresh. Of course - it's no sirloin steak, but it's also good in taste. I personally recommend eating it chilled, but everyone is different and so are their taste buds.

Kryštof Kollár

Kryštof Kollár Elite Rent-A-Car

I don't know anything better while on the go on the road. I always have a box of RISTRE in the car and this way I don't have to stop at drive throughs or buy baguettes at the petrol station.

Jiří Jarmara

Jiří Jarmara Coloseum Restaurants

I've had the opportunity to test RISTRE for a long time from pre-sale production. From then on, when I go to work, I remember to always take these three things with me: the keys, my mobile and RISTRE.

Giorgos Psouroukas

Giorgos Psouroukas Deutsche Börse Group

RISTRE is a perfectly simple breakfast for me on the weekdays and also sometimes a lunch when I’m on home office and don't have time to cook or don't want to wait for food delivery.