Use RISTRE for weight loss

6. 10. 2021

Wondering how RISTRE can help you with weight loss? Don't expect any miracles because we don’t sell magic pills or ‘out of this world’ drinks that promise miraculous effects. We believe RISTRE can make it easier for you to get to your dream weight in a slightly different way.

Healthy eating has never been easier

If you know a thing or two about nutrition, you certainly know that with a varied diet, rich in healthy and energy-efficient foods, a caloric deficit is essential to achieve weight loss. No strict diets, one-type foods item menu only or hunger strikes, but a well-managed energy balance, where our expenditure exceeds energy intake. Ideally, so that we can last long enough with this diet so that the desired results are delivered, but also maintained. Everyone can lose weight, but to stay at one’s ideal weight long term may not be so easy.

Only healthy ingredients and a balanced nutrition

If you do not have enough time or energy left to think about healthy cooking, you will certainly appreciate our clever food alternative, which has the exact composition of nutrients that your body needs. And - you know exactly how many calories you take into your body and have control over your energy and nutrient intake whenever you need it.

Of course, the need for energy and nutrients for weight loss is different for everyone and it is necessary to take into account many factors, whether it is the current physical condition, physical activity, health and other aspects but that doesn't change the fact that you choose the "ideal" dose of RISTRE to achieve your goal easily and efficiently. One sachet of RISTRE contains 666 kcal, and if you write down the rest of your diet, you can easily monitor your energy intake throughout the day. Thanks to RISTRE your calculation will also be a bit more accurate, as they eliminate deviations in the form of the amount of oil used for food preparation, changes in technological processing, etc.

Ristre saves time and gives you energy

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Why is RISTRE the ideal weight loss option?

Another reason why RISTRE can make it easier for you to lose weight is the fact that you may not always have time to cook and prepare dietary meals on-the-go, whether that means getting ready to work or going hiking. RISTRE can serve as a quick lunch or breakfast time-saving alternative on your way to work, whether you are stuck in traffic or public transport. Long shelf foods are usually not very healthy, but our food is the exact opposite. Ristre lasts at room temperature for up to 6 months and, thanks to gentle pasteurization, retains all important nutrients. 

Sufficient protein and managed energy intake are essential

When losing weight, you will also appreciate the contents of a sufficient amount of high-quality, full-value proteins. In one serving, you will find 35g of protein from sources such as whey, eggs and hemp. A protein-rich diet helps our body produce more satiety-inducing hormones while suppressing the so-called "hungry hormone" ghrelin. To ensure that we have a sufficient protein intake during weight loss can be problematic for some of us due to ignorance of nutrients or time, and Ristre can make our efforts in this area easier.

So, whether you are trying to lose weight or make weight loss easier on yourself, try to include RISTRE in your diet with other foods. Among other things, you will get all the necessary vitamins and minerals into your body in one dose, as well as some amazing superfoods. These will support your natural energy and immune defences, which is suitable not just for a weight loss journey.


Starter Pack

Starter Pack

    • 2 500 ml bags
    • 2 Full servings of food

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6 Pack

6 Pack

    • 6 500 ml bags
    • 6 Full servings of food

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18 Pack

18 Pack

    • 18 500 ml bags
    • 18 Full servings of food

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